Forte's Power Clean Machine

Fort'e Power Cean Machine

Forte's Power Clean Machine is an essential addition to all motor vehicle workshops, it's all you need to restore vehicle engines fuel efficiency, responsiveness and cleanliness. The Power Clean Machine can be used to remove carbon and soot deposits from Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Air intake systems. It can remove the carbon from within a Variable Vane Turbo Charger to restore movement within, and it's particularly good at removing the deposits left by modern fuels inside fuel injectors which cause misfires and running problems.

Forte's Power Clean Machine enables the technician to effectively remove carbon deposits from a vehicle engine without having to dismantle major components to gain access to the problem area. Thus giving the garage a cost effective tool to minimize spiraling workshop costs, and help retain customer loyalty to your business. 

Forte's Power Clean Machine uses a range of brand new carbon and soot removing products to effectively restore vehicle performance. Forte is synonymous with chemical technology, and built its brand on products that the motor trade have come to rely on when they are looking for a 'Right Fix, First Time' solution, to contamination removal in modern automotive situations.

Modern vehicles are often scrapped because of the expensive repairs needed when DPFs, Turbo Chargers and fuel injectors fail, help your customers stay on the road by offering them a cost effective solution to their troubles, contact us to find out how to join the team.

Take the first steps today to join our team and fill out the form below. Your local Forte representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements and demonstrate to you how Forte's Power Clean Machine will become you 'go to' solution for all those carbon related problems all garages face on a daily basis.

Forte Power Clean Machine

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