Forte's Petrol Intake Cleaner

Forté Power-Clean Petrol Intake Cleaner has been specially formulated to obtain the very best cleaning results without the need to dismantle components. It will remove oily deposits, soot and carbon deposits from the air-intake system restoring correct engine operation.

  • Cleans the throttle body, inlet vales and combustion chamber of petrol engines
  • Removes deposits on the inlet valves of gasoline direct injection engines (GDI)
  • Restores perfect air flow to the combustion chamber
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Restores lost engine performance and fuel economy
  • Cleans the EGR valve (depending on location)
  • For all petrol and petrol hybrid engines - especially recommended for GDI engines

**Only for use with the Forté Power-Clean machine. Do not add to the vehicle's fuel tank.**

Modern engines are designed to meet the strict emissions standards demanded by current legislation. To meet their obligations manufacturers have had to design complex air intake systems that make use of recirculated exhaust gas (EGR) systems. These systems have also moved away from mixing the Air &Fuel within the inlet manifold. This is known as ‘Direct Injection’ or GDI.

This causes 2 main problem areas for modern engines:

In older engine designs the air/fuel mixture was injected into the cylinder from behind the inlet valve, thus ‘washing’ the back side of the inlet valve and removing carbon deposits from it. In modern engines the fuel is directly injected into the cylinder. This results in a phenomenon known as ‘Sticky Valve Syndrome’ There is a build up of carbon deposits on the back side of the inlet valve that stops it opening and closing properly.

The other problem we see regularly is a build up of carbon, soot and oils within the air intake system that is primarily caused by the EGR system of the vehicle. Sometimes this build up can completely block the inlet manifold causing breakdown. If your vehicle is suffering from carbon and soot blockages within the Intake System you may experience these symptoms:

  • Loss of Power
  • Poor MPG
  • High Exhaust Emissions
  • Warning Lights (EML) On
  • Engine Misfires
  • Rough Idling

Forte’s Petrol Intake Cleaner and the Power Clean Machine is the best way to remove the contamination and deposits from within the Intake System, EGR Valve and Intake Valves to restore the vehicles performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

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