Diesel Turbo Cleaner from Forte

Forté Power-Clean Diesel Turbo Cleaner has been specially formulated to obtain the very best cleaning results without the need to dismantle the turbo. It will remove oily deposits and carbon, freeing sticking variable vane turbos, restoring engine operation.

  • Cleans the exhaust side of diesel engines
  • Removes deposits that cause variable vane turbos to stick
  • Restores correct engine operation
  • Helps to remove deposits from the EGR system & diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Suitable for all turbocharged diesel engines

**Only for use with the Forté Power-Clean machine. Do not add the vehicle's fuel tank.**

Variable vane turbo chargers are a common sight on diesel engined vehicles these days. They were introduced to bring a more ‘controlled’ application of the turbo chargers effects on engine performance throughout the rev range. At slow engine speeds they act like a small turbo charger, whilst at higher engine RPM they act like a bigger, more powerful unit. This is achieved by a mechanisum that has little movable vanes which can direct exhaust flow onto the turbine blades. The vane angles are adjusted via an actuator. The angle of the vanes vary throughout the engine RPM range to optimize turbine behaviour.

Because the turbo charger is positioned in the exhaust flow it is susceptible to carbon deposits accumulating on its mechanisms that stop it working as it should. Often the variable vane turbo charger is negatively effected by the failure of another part of the engine that causes only partial combustion, a blocked injector is a good example. However, variable vane turbo chargers can also become clogged up with carbon deposits just because they are not ‘exercised’ enough.

If your variable vane turbo charger stops working properly you will experience symptoms such as:

  • Poor Acceleration
  • Irregular or Excessive Exhaust Smoke
  • Grey Coloured Exhaust Smoke
  • Check Engine Light On
  • Lack of Boost
  • Loud Shrieking Noise

Forte’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner and the Power Clean Machine is the best way to remove the contamination and deposits from within the Variable Vane Turbo Charger to restore the vehicles performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

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