Petrol Injection Cleaner from Forte

Forté Power-Clean Petrol Injection Cleaner has been specially formulated to obtain the very best direct cleaning results without the need to dismantle components. It will remove dirt, gums, varnish and carbon deposits in fuel injectors and the combustion chamber.

  • Cleans injectors, valves and the combustion chamber
  • Restores injector spray patterns
  • Reduces CO and HC exhaust emissions
  • Restores engine performance & lost fuel economy
  • Safe for all petrol and petrol hybrid engines

**Only for use with the Forté Power-Clean machine. Do not add to the vehicle's fuel tank.**

The invention of fuel injectors represented a major milestone in automotive manufacturing, because they make cars both more fuel-efficient and less polluting. Fuel injectors play a very important role in the functioning of a vehicle because they deliver petrol to the car's engine.

A vehicle’s engine needs both fuel and air run, these are measured by the vehicles systems and mixed in precise amounts depending on the demands being put on the engine at any one time.

Fuel injectors are important because they deliver the exact amount of petrol that the engine needs, at exactly the right time even as the demands on the engine shift quickly and constantly.

If a fuel Injector is not working properly you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Inconsistent Engine Power
  • Engine Misfires
  • Uneven Engine Idling
  • Poor MPG
  • Smell of Fuel

Fuel injectors become problematic for many reasons but by far the commonest reason for fuel injector failure in modern petrol engines is the build up of deposits inside the injector that stop them working properly. Low quality fuels and driving styles also bring their own set of problems.

Forte’s Petrol Injection Cleaner and the Power Clean Machine is the best way to remove the contamination and deposits from within the fuel injectors to restore the vehicles performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

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